- samy Benomran aka Risinsun


Risinsun is a "young" Belgian photographer living in Brussels.


From Tunisian and Italian origins he considers himself 50% Belgian, 50% Italian and 50% of Tunisia.


Risinsun (whose real name samy benomran) was born in 1974 in the region of La Louviere, Belgium.


He had a «traditional» education, and studied languages and translation in the Belgian city of Mons, he never wanted to practice, realizing he needed a more creative and social activity.


When he started his career within the European institutions, he held several positions of archivist, secretary, clerk, webmaster, never with great conviction. He joined the Socialist Group in the Committee of Regions of the European Union in 2003 where he is, among other things, responsible for the visual identity development, web design, and the organiser of a yearly photo competition for European citizens. 


After years of self-questioning and doubts, today risinsun understands who he is and that creativity is a fundamental for his balance. Without it, he would fade like a badly watered plant.


  Artistic roots 

Before coming to photography, risinsun has tried several activities. He has long sought without really knowing he was looking for something. It was all instinctive, spontaneous, compulsive.


For a time, he wanted to become a graphic designer and started an evening courses training in 2002 he quickly stopped for incompatibility with his work and especially because he got bored very early. It was at this time born the first logo and name risinsun.

By creating random shapes on his computer, he created once a logo that looked like a sunrise.


So was born the name risinsun, also inspired by Risingson a song from UK trip hop band Massive Attack.


But before that, risinsun already had a creative instinct. At school, he was doing graffiti on sheets of paper. He never excelled in this discipline, but he enjoyed it. He did once a graffiti with the acronym of his high school on one of its walls, which is still there today.


It was during his studies in translation risinsun got his first computer. And it certainly is at that moment that everything started. he was fascinated by the possibilities offered by Word Processing and started delivering his translations homeworks (which originals were photocopies of pres articles) with the exact same layout as the originals, focusing more on this aspect than on the translation itself. When he joined the students general assembly, he was in charge of communicating events (mainly boose parties) and was making posters with Corel Draw.


People who know him think he has a passion for computing, which he strenuously denies. He considers his computer  as the canvas on which he creates his images.


Photo © risinsun, 2002-2010  Photography 

As a child and teenager, risinsun never practiced photography. He came to this means of expression by the merest chance. It is in November 2002, during a trip to Rome with a dear friend he put his hands on a digital camera for the first time. It was an early, very archaic model.


There he became aware of everything one could do with a camera. Long exposures at night without flash, motion blur, flash effects, and so on...


He bought his first compact digital ( Canon Powershot A80 ) a year later, in October 2003, with whom he would make his first experiments. In summer 2007, he went to Huelva, Andalusia, for a wedding. At the party, he took mostly improvised photos from which he made an album, as a present for the the couple. who were enthousiastic about the result.


Three months later, in December 2007, he bought his first DSLR camera. Not wanting to go too fast, he chose the cheapest model of the market, a "Pentax K100D Super" which was the cheapest DSLR on the market. 


In 2008 he took courses with XP4, a Brussels based non-profit school, and with Brussels famous photographer, Michael Chia in 2011.


In 2010, he started his "Famous Anonymous" project, making portraits of mainly his friends. 



In May 2009, risinsun organized "The Sky is The Limit", his first exhibition at Piola Libri , an Italian winery and bookshop in Brussels. He exhibited 18 pictures of Rome ( see photos ).

He organized "ELEMENT \ AIR" ( see picture ), its second exhibition, in January 2010, at the invitation of Banca Monte Paschi Brussels. He visited the beautiful island of Lanzarote, two months before the exhibition to prepare it.

He exposed some of his "Famous Anonymous" portraits in September 2010 to the Piola Libri.

Risinsun plans to organise an exhibition of landscapes photos in 2013.

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